Are you a decision maker in your company? Are you a marketing manager?
I help people like you to leverage on digital technologies and make better choices.

I have no ready-made answers in my pocket. I listen, analyze, take my time to think, that time you usually do not have because you’re always busy in meetings and daily routines.
After a proper assessment, I come back to you with a solution that can match the requirements but also fit the constraints.

I’m a hybrid marketer. I speak the language of business but at the same time I can see the opportunities beyond technology.
I have built my skills in 20 years of professional career facing buiness and technical challenges in many industries (automotive, travel, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, retail, public sector, …), for companies of all sizes.

Once we found the solution, if you need, I can support you in the execution.
I can help managing a complex project or temporaly managing your team.
I can help scouting the right suppliers or I can be and advisor on upcoming projects.
You don’have to take unnecessary risks.

If you want to find out what I can do for you, have a look at the “Consulting” section.
And, of course, feel free to contact me.